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Recruiting in 2021 is full of new challenges that have never been in play before. The rise of remote work has changed the realities of hiring for everyone, from the people applying to jobs, to the people posting the job positions, to those who are actually doing the recruiting.

If you are a recruiter in 2021, you have probably noticed that you are now able to draw new hires from a bigger pool of people due to remote work options for many jobs. However, you may also have noticed that new hires are able to be far pickier about the benefits and salary they are willing to accept when they are hired for a new job.

If you are trying to figure out how to improve your hiring and recruiting processes in 2021, you will need to be flexible, nimble, and you will also need to offer added value to your potential new hires.


Recruiting in 2021 doesn’t have to be a struggle if you are using the right strategies. There are some tried and true methods to make recruiting a whole lot easier in this new post-pandemic world.

These tips and tricks will help you improve your hiring process in 2021 and you will be pleased that you made the adjustments to your routine when you are able to secure the best new hires for your needs!


Be prepared to navigate the way that remote work affects hiring people in 2021. Remote workers are looking for increased flexibility, from flexible hours to better PTO packages, to the ability to adjust their hours for personal time needs.

If you are just making the adjustment at your company to include remote workers, you will need to step up your game when you are recruiting as soon as possible. Without robust remote work benefits, you will slip behind other companies quickly.

Make sure that you are able to offer added value benefits related to remote work like flexible working hours and good support from IT. These items need to help you stand out from the crowd and get the hires that you need to fill skilled roles in your organization.


Using data to find the right hires is a huge part of being strategic in 2021 while you are recruiting new people to your company. Remote work makes this data collection process easier than ever and you should use these tools to help you to get connected with the right hires promptly and efficiently.

Being able to use data to rule out hires that will not suit your needs will save you time and will make sure that you are picking people that are a perfect fit for your company. Being able to retain new hires is tied directly to hiring the right people from the get-go. Data will help you to find the right people for the jobs that you are trying to fill and will save you time in the long run.


This has become increasingly important to recruiting in 2021. People want to be associated with a company that stands for things that they believe in. They want to work for a company that holds the same values as they do. This is particularly true in industries where job duties are strongly connected with personal beliefs.

Being able to make it clear that you are hiring for jobs that are connected with social awareness and the benefit of people as a whole is a big part of hiring but it can also be a major factor when hiring for other industries that are connected with social outreach.

You can do your branding through social media outreach but also through your application processes. You want to be sure that your potential new hires can tell exactly what your company is about from the moment that they make contact with you or vice versa. It is hard to negotiate successfully with someone who is already questioning what your company stands for, so you want to be sure that you communicate your ethics and branding right away.


Make sure that you can offer really excellent benefits to your new hires or you will lose them to other companies. There are many places out there to work with the rise of remote hiring for remote jobs, and workers will naturally gravitate toward the places where they get the most bang for their buck.

Make sure to make your benefits front and center, from healthcare to retirement, to flexible work benefits. If you are not making it clear what the benefits of working for your company are from the beginning, people will not spend much time looking into your job and will instead go elsewhere to take advantage of better benefit packaging.


You would be surprised at how many people leave a company right after they have been hired because the onboarding process was so uncomfortable or arduous that they felt turned off by the company as a whole. HR needs to be able to onboard people easily and to do these processes remotely without added difficulties.

People are not interested in struggling to get their necessary access or to get into interviews. They want things to go smoothly so that they can feel confident in their new employer. Being able to hire people without a bunch of fuss, and without issues is a major boon toward keeping them as employees for the long haul.


If you use these tips and tricks to revamp your hiring process for 2021, you will find that your recruiting process is much less stressful for you and for your new hires. Technology and flexibility are both a big part of hiring in 2021, and you will need to take advantage of both things if you want to hire quality employees for skilled positions.

Always remember that the job market is fiercely competitive right now and that there are more positions open than people to fill them in most cases. Be willing to stand out head and shoulders above your competition and you will find that you can hire the right people easily and without any bumps in the road.

Hiring in 2021 is a breeze if you use the right techniques!

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